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16 June
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I'm a professional academic, teaching literature, and a voracious reader across classics, history, sf&f, crime, YA writing, children's lit., and romance. Also an ailurophile, a smoker, a hillwalker, a published critic, a scholar of punctuation history and theory, a partner in Humanities-Ebooks LLP, a grammar-school boy, a traveller, a wikipedia contributor, and a Gemini. I've lived in the UK, US, and (for my sins) Jamaica, for five oddly hard years. I own more tons of books than are good for my house, an indefensible SUV I brought back from Jamaica (where it was highly defensible), a 160GB iPod that's filling up, a ludicrously expensive set of B&O earphones that give great sound and actually stay in my ears, several fossils, many rugs, and a fantastic painting by Julian Bailey.