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Verse Novels

Just read the post on verse novels. Have you heard of, I think it's called, "Golden Gate"? I can't recall the author, but it's definitely a novel about several days in the life of a resident of San Francisco, California, writ entirely in sonnets.
Luminator Thelms, AKA Mad Librarian #9 (

Yup -- Vikram Seth, The Golden Gate. And hoping that as a madlibrarian you don't mind some nitpicking, it's not actually in sonnets but in Onegin stanzas, 14 lines of iambic tetrameter (rather than pentameter) rhyming ABABCCDDEFFEGG, with the A, C, & E rhymes unstressed (feminine) and the B, D, F, & G rhymes stressed (masculine) -- the whole invented by Pushkin for his verse novel Eugene Onegin.

Very funny, too, and highly recommended.

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