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Forward Momentum reviews

I've just posted two reviews for "Forward Momentum," Chapters 15 & 16, in FanFiction>Miles Vorkosigan. Yours, Luminator Thelms (author of "Starbow's End" in same)

Re: Forward Momentum reviews

So I saw, thanks, Luminator, and I'm delighted you enjoyed FM. It's also posted at AO3 (where I'm also Bracketyjack), and is downloadable if you were wanting to read offline.

As to Fletchir and cousin, well, he and Gregor had to call one another something, and for either side deferring to the other was going to be a political problem even if Fletchir and/or Gregor were willing, so I thought some imperial cousin-ing would split the difference acceptably for all.

If you carry on through the tail-pieces to FM (also most neatly available at AO3 -- go to FM and click on the series tag 'The Peaceful Vorkosiverse') I'll be interested to see what you make of them.

Thanks again.

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